Friday, August 14, 2015

Domains URL's and website names

Domains, URL's and website names.

These of course are all the same thing just different names depending on who you talk to in the industry. 

So how do you go about this and start to build a website. 

The domain and the name is the first thing you have to decide on.

You can be in charge of everything and hold the key to these by having the domain in your name and giving your developer access to it. Or let your developer handle it all. Which, if you can trust your developer, is a good way to do it, if you are unsure how it all works. 

So, you buy the domain or get your developer to do it. Reason why you get your developer to do it is because there are a number of web developers that will call you, annoy you with emails begging you to let them build you a website. 

Another reason you will get emails from other domain registers asking you to go with them it is cheaper. You even have some sending fake invoices saying your domain is due for renewal thinking you will pay it and transfer it to them.   

Because all your domains are with the developer you know that if you receive any information like this it has nothing to do with you. This happened recently to a client who received an email from an American company trying to con him into paying a bill for his domain. A quick call to verify I had them, saved him some money. 

We need to be more vigilant when it comes to website domains.

Now buying your domain and choosing the name. The idea is when you set up your website you should buy both the .com and the if available. Reason behind this has always been so your opposition does not buy it and use it, also for good business it always pays to own both unless the other is being used in America being the .com. 

Of course you can always look for ones your opposition have not bought, buy them and then sell them to them or use them on your website.  Is this good for business.  Some say it looks bad.  Others say it is good business sense, I suppose it really depends which side of the fence you are on.  Hence you buy both in the first place.  

If you have been in a community for 15 years doing something and a person comes to town to set up something similar, you find he has not bought both domains, you buy the .com one, he insists it is bad business sense, he calls and abuses you and tells you he will make your life hell in a phone conversation. are you likely to sell it to that person.  No, Of course you have every right to buy a .com domain because they are a saleable item. 

Another reason you should by both.

So you choose the name you buy both domains, you have both of them directed to your website.  You also might buy some that are similar or people might use to find you. That is totally left up to you.   

The other thing to remember is this. When purchasing a domain if it is your name of your company and someone else has it and not using it then you have every right to demand it back, where as a .com is available for anyone and can be sold and bought many times for money by anyone.   .com is an oversaw/american domain and some are worth quite a bit and will continue to be bought and sold on the market.  

I know that is available for $10,000 australian dollars. A hefty price to pay to start a business. So just an example. Most are owned by companies in Singapore wanting to trade and make some money on the open market.   Many have made money by owning the domain that everyone wants. 

I hope this explains the domains and URL's and website names for you.

How easy is it to buy Facebook Likes

Do a Google search on How to buy Facebook likes.  It is easy you can even get them from an Australian company for as little as $20 for the first 500.  

So when you start a new page then 10 days later you have 435 likes for a new page.  They have to be bought because when you click on the page you have one friend who likes the page.  You know you have at least 10 friends that live in the town.  You would think if there are 400 likes that more then one would be a liker of the page.  Especially when that person does not even come from that town.

Be careful do not fall into the trap of the old saying I have now got 7,500 likes and your information will be seen by many.  Go to the page and see how many like the posts on the page.  If they were genuine likes you would have more of your posts being liked you would think.

Here is why you don't buy Likes the reasons and better ways to get likes.

Facebook users warned against buying 'likes' from Indian click farms to boost popularity  I posted this in a previous blog problem the link did not work.

So folks take a second to think about clicking that link to buy 500 likes for $20 or even more it is not worth it because in the long run the action speaks loudly on the page when you get less then 10 likes on your posts.  The figures do not add up.  Simple those 450 in less then 10 days and the 7,500 in less then 12 months is very suspicious.  

Friday, July 10, 2015

The Shenhua Mine on the Liverpool Plains

The Shenhua Mine on the Liverpool Plains

Absolutely disgusted with this decision.

This was my post on Barnaby Joyce Facebook page.  I thought I would transfer it to here.  I wont put up the people that commented back as I feel that would be breaching their privacy.  Although you can all go and have a look by clicking on the link here.

Kate Schwager I think I have to agree with my son on this one Barnaby.

I will add a puff of wind could have done a better job.

What a disgrace the National Party has become.

Dead in the water this will be the end of you and your ridiculous party.

No guts no glory Barnaby. Stand up for gods sake or are you that belittled you can't get off your knees to save the largest Food bowl of Australia.

Bring Back Tony Windsor. The sooner the better.

Then comments were that Tony Windsor had sold his farm to the mines.

Kate Schwager Mark Stevens as we all know when the mines come in you do not get a choice as to whether you want to stay or go it is Go. He had no choice. He has done a lot more for the people of this electorate then Barnaby has done. Perhaps this might remind you.

Then someone made a comment about his property in the Pilliga being near the gas.  which I notice has been removed.

Kate Schwager I will come to his defense on the CSG property Terence. It is no where near the CSG Narrabri Gas project and he has been trying to sell it for years. Although I do think that might have been his intention. Perhaps we should look at the inland rail path and see how close it is to the property purchased in the Pilliga and how the path has changed from where it was first thought would go to where it goes now.

Karen Orr to answer your questions. Yes he did sell his property to the mines and as I have said before. You do not get much choice. When a mine wants to buy you out it is easier to take the money then spend more fighting them in court and ending up with nothing and the solicitors ending up with all of it as we have seen happen in Qld.

Do you really think that the PM we have now is anything to boast about, I think we can all see why Tony went with Julia, if you can't there is something wrong some where.

He was a true independent and if you read the agreement that he had with Julia you would know that he bought more to rural Australia then any National Party representative has done in the lifetime of the Nats.

Abbott would not give the rural people anything and he still won't. He refused to sign the agreement Julia signed. He just wants to dig it all up and take us back to the beginning of the century when there was nothing but coal to fuel our energy needs.

This disgraceful behavior by Barnaby is nothing but appalling. He had 4 days to tell the whole world he did not agree with this but no, as with the Nats they announce it after that they tried so hard. (lots of tears here)

They went against the big gun Libs. Oh dear. Oh dear what will I do if they don't agree with me. RESIGN would be the best outcome at least we would know he is genuine. He would put is pay on the line.

Well this time it has stuck. He cried about what the Indonesians would think if we passed same sex marriage. He jumped up and down about Depp's dogs.

Oh but did we hear anything about him against the mine NO.

The fact Tony Windsor did what he did, did not save us from our now PM he just delayed our fate worse then the death. What it did do is give us the reasons why he did it.

I used to vote National Party 5 years a go, I have never voted labour or liberal and I have never voted Green but sure as hell I will never vote for any of them again.

It is time more people realized we need to go back to before party politics was formed. We need more independents then any of these other idiots because

There are no leaders to lead

So I think I have said it all really.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Plagiarism - What is it? - Helping people to understand the web.

Plagiarism - What is it? - Helping people to understand the web.

As most web developers know, you have to be very careful not to plagiarise information from the Internet without permission from the owner or a link to where it came from giving the author the recognition they deserve for a well written article. Of course, without this you wouldn't be wanting to put it on your website.

So, if you visit a website or are having one created and there are articles on it that you are not sure if they are the real deal or not, it's easy to check where that article came from, either by taking a copy of the first paragraph and dropping it into Google Search or running it through a software program to check if it is plagiarised. If it does not appear anywhere else or gets the green tick then it is probably written by the author of the page.  Well done, you have engaged an honest developer.

If it is found to be from another website, that website should be informed that their article is being used with or without their permission. When it is a repeat performer it is guaranteed to be plagiarism in most cases but not all. Usually a little footnote to say this has been authorised by the owner of the article helps or this has been supplied by .....

It is a bit like the use of images for websites. Unless you have bought or been given the images then you should not be using them. You should be stating where they have come from with a link back to the website giving full credit to the owner.  Copyright has a similar affect on the written word as it does on images.  There are a number of well known places, eg shutterstock, where you can purchase images, if you have none of your own.  Although, I do recall that using Shutterstock images on a political website is a bad idea as the public want the real deal when it comes to our politicians.

So what does one do if they are not confident in writing the articles for their website? Well, you can engaged a writer to write the articles you want. Many journalist do this as a side job to bring in a little extra cash.  A quick search of the Internet will find you someone to create some content for you or your developer should be able to find a content writer and ad it to the cost of the website. Better to be safe than sorry.

So what do you do if your web developer has used other material from other websites? Hopefully, it is not one of your retailers who supplies your product as they will surely quickly cut off your account. Firstly, ask your developer to remove the information or give you access to remove the articles yourself. Or, as a last resort, contact the company and ask them to ask your developer to remove the articles. If all else fails, discontinue using the developer that has created the website and hope you have not paid in full for it.

It is all about trust. Can you trust your developer to not put you in this situation? Take care when using someone new to you who has not yet earned a healthy, long standing reputation.  Enquire  about how much control your developer has over your website and if you have personal access for editing purposes.  Everyone should have access to their websites. If you're inexperienced and not up to scratch regarding altering things yourself you can usually find someone who is. All a measure of security in case something goes wrong or in a worse case scenario, the developer just might disappear.

Stay tuned for the next instalment of helping people to understand the web.
Domains, URL's or web addresses, what is what.

Monday, July 6, 2015

You can never be too careful?

Be on the look out for these two characters asking for work. It seems they have done some damage up and down the Eastern coast and inland on farms from Victoria to the tip of the Cape. They work their way into a false sense of security for a community then wham you come home and things change dramatically over night.  Have a read of the article.

So watch out don't be taken for a ride. We really need to be vigilant do not take people for what they are or say they are, their past could come back and be very dodgy.  As with this pair who have been on the run for over 8 years.

Similar things have happened with people up rooting themselves from a country and ending up in a small country town.  Ready to make money out of a community, it only takes one recommendation to get them in the door so to speak.
Do not be mislead by their stories of wealth and overseas companies they own.  Ask for the names and look them up, there are a number of websites where people can search for information on potential clients, the US run a number of complaints sites as does Australia and the UK.  Even a quick search for their ABN at ABN Lookup and search the Internet for any information about their name and their company if you are not sure about them.
ASIC also have good information regarding different companies. When someone new comes to town, don't take them on their word look them up put their name into Google because if it is to good to be true it is to good to be true.

People who come from overseas who think their past cannot be found, a quick search of Google usually reveals if there is anything around the world that is not right, it will find it.  So be on the look out we are all vulnerable to these sorts of people, we are really to honest and will always give people the benefit of the doubt which in some cases can be a disaster or can be a positive.
As they can easily infiltrate a whole community and then take off with everything when they leave or not finish what they said they would do. Or do some very destructive damage as these two characters have done.  Sometimes when they ask for cash as these two obviously do you have a reall need to be suspicious.  As always never pay the full amount until the job is finished.  
Be careful, be vigilant and stay safe.
There are a lot of shady characters out there we should not be quite so trusting as we are.

A manhunt is on for a fugitive father and son who are terrorising farming communities, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.
Gino Stocco, 57, and his son Mark Stocco, 35, have been on the run for eight years from police in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.